Chris Schofield produces a little bit of magic

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'Get Stowfield on'

All those who’ve had the privilege of watching the Lancastrian long-hop machine turn his arm over will be not in the least bit surprised to discover that this magic involves cards and not cricket balls.

There is a video of Chris Schofield doing a magic trick on Surrey’s website. It is perhaps unnecessarily long, so we’ll talk you through it.

  1. Chris struggles manfully in his attempts to shuffle some novelty, oversized playing cards
  2. Him and some other bloke put the cards on the table in a big, messy pile
  3. Chris separates them into a pile of black and a pile of red without looking at the faces of the cards

Chris comes across as being nicer than we imagined him. Judged solely on looks, he’s always struck us as being the kind of person you always see in the pub but who you never want to find yourself talking to.

We were right about his charisma though, we’ll say that much.


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  1. It was 7am every day last week. We did think about saving this for seven this morning, but why wait?

    No-one bothers checking the site until the email goes out at lunchtime anyway.

  2. Not AT ALL fond of Surrey but their website is infinitely less stodgy and corporate-heavy than most and they also have the very best of local commentators in Mark Church – magic indeed

  3. If he can do that with the cards, for which there is absolutely no other possible explanation other than actual magic, what is to stop him using his powers on the cricket pitch?

    I remember reading once that the only protection against the use of magic in sporting events is to cover every nearby surface in crumpled fivers, which would at least explain the ECB’s general policy.

  4. Actually, I check the site when I first get into the office as part of my daily procrastination ritual

  5. Oh Ceci ‘very best of local commentators in Mark Church’ – does Marty know?

    Cant stand Mark Church’s broadcasts myself.

  6. I’ll join SixSixEight in the anti-Church camp.

    The irony that “The Neighbour Of The Beast” is anti- Church was not wasted on me.

    Kevin Hand is a true gent.

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