What is it like inside Shahid Afridi’s head?

Shahid Afridi 'smelling' the ball

Very few cricketers combine stellar brilliance with all three major types of retardation.

Update: We’ve done some slightly lengthier writing on this subject for The Wisden Cricketer.

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22 Appeals

  1. this is an incredible story. what an absolute tool.

  2. woof woof.

  3. King Cricket

    January 31, 2010 at 8:51 pm

    The man has zero regard for whether doing something is a good idea or not.

    We love him for that.

  4. I wonder if anyone is “meh” about him?

  5. His initial response shed a lot of light on the situation:
    “I tried to smell it (the ball). There was something I tried to move.”
    Clearly, like barbie before him he was trying to get a bit of dirt off the seam but it slipped his mind to get the umpire to supervise. Once again it’s part of the ICC’s witchunt against bowlers generally and Afridi specifically.
    To answer your question I’m not entirely sure what goes through his head, other than a burning desire to win. This is something Pakistan has been lacking all summer.
    Under Afridis inspired leadership they pushed Australia to the limit in an ODI for the first time this summer. It’s a great shame he’ll miss the T20’s.

  6. A shame he didn’t do this in Test Cricket, the red ball would have presented him the apple excuse.

  7. Edible balls. Lots of them

  8. wow look at him lay into it!!!

    I wonder how it tasted….probably not like chicken

  9. Of all the methods of ball tampering, Afridi had to choose BITING?

  10. whats funny is how blatantly he’s doing it XD

    only Afridi could top that pitch dance he did a few years ago…only Afridi 🙂

  11. I don’t think my mouth opens that wide.

    Could anyone else around here get their choppers around a cricket ball like that?

  12. Ged I’ll be taking a crack at it this weekend, I’ll let you know how I go.

    Anything for a wicket….

  13. I think the only way this could have gotten wierder was if the ball had got stuck, as I think it would do for many of us if we’d gotten it in that far. He would at some point have been asked by the umpire where the ball had gone. Unable to speak, he lifts his head which had been hung in shame, and looks at the umpire with sadness and confusion in his eyes, and a cricket ball in his mouth.

  14. Great image alex … If only it had happened.

  15. Stuff McKay, that should have been the MOTM performance.

    What a card.

  16. An admirable effort. To sacrifice himself to the media in order to divert attention from the series whitewash and managerial incompetence..

  17. The English still do it better than the Pakistanis

  18. ‘February 1st, 2010 by Alex Bowden in Pakistan’

    When I first read that I thought “Well he’s brave”.

    Then I worked it out.

  19. Mad as a cut snake, is dear Afridi.

    Mad as a cut snake in a salt mine…

  20. Please do publish the results of your research, Wolf. I am sure I am but one of many around here who can hardly wait to learn how you get on.

  21. You had Rob Key on a capybara, but I think a better photoshop would be Afridi eating a ball whilst dancing on a pitch.

    And I believe “What is it like inside Shahid Afridi’s head?” is a foolish and dangerous question to ask, because the answer, apart from being unknowable, will also cause your head to collapse on itself.

    A better question is “what’s the difference between “while” and “whilst” and when is a good time to use one of them?”. ?

  22. listen you masters of the cheap shot, how many of you have won the world cup almost singlehandedly?

    you’re all nobodys.

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