Daniel Vettori’s heartfelt support for Andy Moles

By all accounts the New Zealand players liked Andy Moles, who’s just resigned from his position as their coach. However, being liked isn’t really the whole job.

It was fairly obvious that Moles was going to have to go after Daniel Vettori was asked whether the New Zealand players were happy for him to continue as coach.

“I think we have to be.”

Considering Vettori’s a nice bloke who’s generally quite diplomatic, this is tantamount to a slap to the face. When you consider that Vettori said it while accepting an award during an awards dinner where he actually sat at the same table as Moles, it’s maybe more of a ro-sham-bo.

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  1. The fact that no-one has seen fit to comment on this article only underlines the problem that NZ have to address. Namely, that no-one gives a shit about them.

    Sort that out, Conchord Flyers.

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