Daniel Vettori – the premier slow left-arm all-rounder

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Poindextrous bowling from the New Zealand captainDaniel Vettori took 9-133 in this Test. Shakib al Hasan took 9-116.

Daniel Vettori hit 76 in his second innings. Shakib al Hasan hit 71.

Daniel Vettori hit 55 not out in his first innings. Shakib al Hasan got five.

Daniel Vettori wins. New Zealand win. Shakib al Hasan loses. We say ‘balls’.

It was such a low-key match because of the teams involved and the Test going on elsewhere, but it seems unfair that Vettori’s performance should be so overlooked. Chasing down 317 when your side was bowled out for 171 in the first innings is no mean feat whoever you’re playing and Vettori’s contribution in every single innings was exceptional.

It’s the glasses. Even if you’re having a great day, every bad ball will be greeted with ‘nice bowling, Poindexter’ or somesuch.

Don’t try and tell us that Daniel Vettori isn’t a Poindexter. We should know. We can smell our own.


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  1. It’s now nearly 10 years since Vettori burst on the scene – in 1999 he came to England looking like an 18 year-old undergraduate student and helped the 2nd worst team in the world (NZ) beat the worst team in the world (England) at test cricket.

    10 years later he looks much older and wiser. Perhaps like a 23 year-old postgraduate student.

  2. His full title is: ‘the premier slow left-arm all-rounder in the first Test between Bangladesh and New Zealand, but not by a huge distance, even though he played extremely well’.

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