Dean Elgar’s pretty South African isn’t he?

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With his South African face and his steady South African batting. He also bowls left-arm orthodox in a way that indicates he might believe Roelof Van Der Merwe to be the finest ever exponent of the art.

Dean carried his bat today. Well played Dean. We should probably have more to say on the matter, but we don’t.

If there was a moment when Elgar renounced unremarkable stolidity, it was when he dropped Nick Compton later in the day. The general vibe we got after writing about Compton earlier in the match was ‘England could do better than him’ – but on the evidence of recent times, they can’t.

With Stuart Broad on form, Steven Finn currently the spiky and effective version of himself and Bowling Ali giving the sense of having returned to the side after being briefly replaced by some ineffective opener or other, England have a good bowling attack. In the absence of any obviously viable alternative, dull functional batting might well be the potatoes that will bulk up the England meal for the foreseeable future.


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  1. Elgar looked composed at the crease while batting, whereas his bowling seems to lack both enigma and variations.

    1. Are they related, Dean and Edward? I notice that they’ve both got a magnificent moustache, except Dean, who hasn’t. But he could have, if he grew one. I think it would be a good thing if he did, because then the comparison would be more accurate. And what more could a South African opening batsman want in life than to be comparably hirsute to a dead Englishman?

      1. They must be related, Bert. I cannot envisage any other possibility. Apart from the possibility that they are not related.

        But the moustache connection couldn’t simply be a coincidence, could it?

    2. Agreed, Ged. He was truly in his pomp during that innings though – an impressive performance given the circumstance.

  2. considering that the plate is empty as far as South Africa’s batting is concerned and theie bowling has just been decapitated, England will happily count their potatoes, even if one of them was plucked from a South African farm

    1. They don’t have an expansive palette of nomenclature in Southafricaland, do they? Whatever the sport, whatever the era, there’s always a de Villiers and there’s usually a du Plessis and a Steyn.

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