Don’t totally discard Michael Vaughan

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Could be doing and should have been doing a good job as captain and opener“The best thing for me is to try and get back to being best batsmen I can be.”

Fair point. If they didn’t have to drop you, you wouldn’t be losing the captaincy and if you scored more runs, maybe the series would have gone better.

Michael Vaughan now knows that everything isn’t scripted especially for him.

He had to convince everyone he could successfully come back from injury a year ago. He made a hundred in his first innings back. That probably sent him over.

All the effort, all the hard work was instantly vindicated. Put that into the head of a captain who’d received one too many plaudits for an unexpected Ashes win and he maybe gets a bit ahead of himself.

Vaughan never makes runs in county cricket, but tells himself and us that he’s above that. He’s not.

An element of complacency seems to have set in – certainly in his own game. It was always a magic ball. A big score was always just round the corner. Maybe he didn’t really mean it when he said things like that, but it certainly seemed like he did.

Michael Vaughan was a great captain, but like most British sports people, he only really paid lip service to the philosophy of constant improvement that’s the hallmark of true success. Either that or he responded to pressure and criticism in an arrogant way that gave that impression.

If it’s the latter, he’s screwed. That basically just means that he’s not good enough and gets a bit defensive about his shortcomings.

If he did just get a bit lazy, then at least there’s something he can do about it – and he’s the kind of guy who would do something about it. His pride’s been clean bowled first ball and Vaughan’s a proud man.

Half-cut and half-asleep. We’ll come back to this another time.


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  1. Ironically, in the nets, Michael Vaughan has been hitting those balls really well.

  2. Don’t totally discard Michael Vaughan…let him be walking wicket for sometime more… ;-))

    i think more than relinquishing captaincy he should be more applauded for seeing the light and withdrawing himself for indefinite period…if he comes with blazing runs nothing like it…

  3. Divesting himself of the Increasingly Alarming Mullet of Captaincy will go a long way to restoring some pride, I would’ve thought.

  4. KP said: “I love Michael.” He literally said that. He LOVES Michael.

    No wonder the dressing room is disintegrating, such love between two players can only breed jealousy from the rest of the team. What about Colly, does no one love him?

    He feels unloved. As does Strauss.

    And no one loves Tiny-Tim Ambrose. Poor Tiny. He’s so small, KP could at least give him a little love.

    But no, all about Michael.

  5. How about this from an Alastair Cook column after they broke up his and Vaughan’s opening partnership:

    “I will miss batting with Michael Vaughan – and particularly the lordly way that he caresses the ball through the covers.”

    We’ve never felt moved to say anything that complimentary about any of our colleagues.

  6. I just watched the entire inchoherant press conference on the beeb website. Kevin doesn’t do sentences, Kevin does random, vaguely connected groups of words. He finds a set of words that he likes and then repeats them over and over until all concerned seem satisfied.

    Apparently he’s going to give the captaincy of England his ‘Bestest go’ – fancy that!

  7. “He finds a set of words that he likes and then repeats them over and over until all concerned seem satisfied” – that’ll suit the tabloids nicely then – and the selectors as they seem a witless set of buggers. Tchah!

  8. This site must have had a massive traffic surge due to people searching for “Rob Key England captain” / “who is Rob Key” over the last couple of days.

    Imagine if he had been made captain – the world as we know it (Britain) would have been changed forever.

  9. The world will rock when he is confirmed in England’s 15 man ICC Trophy squad.

    That is if they actually send a squad.

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