Faf du Plessis has grown weary of getting hit in the nads

Aside from batting all day at one run an over to save Test matches, Faf du Plessis’s other thing is getting hit in the balls. You might say that he’s a specialist.

In the video below, he talks you through the countermeasures he has been forced to take. Here’s a link to the video as well because we’re 95 per cent certain that it won’t show up for email subscribers.

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8 Appeals

  1. It’s only a matter of time before The Beast attracts a sponsor’s logo

  2. I love his multibox. Can’t say I blame him doing that; ordinary boxes don’t really provide much protection to your veg.

  3. That was such a heart-warming video. Cricket needs more of these.

  4. One hell of a nut case.

  5. Is there anyone who can say things I agree with and make them sound more wrong than Ian Botham?

    Is there any way I could have phrased that so I would sound more like Nick Knight?

  6. Hilariously sophisticated stuff here:


    I haven’t yet worked out how the jokes work, so they must be super subtle.

    Clearly the irony-missing-rabble haven’t got it yet either.

    Is it all an allegory for Faf’s nads and the risk management thereof?

    Didn’t think so.

    I’ll keep pondering.

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