Graeme Swann’s joyous bat throwing

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Graeme Swann does Mushy proudAfter his lower order skittering, Graeme Swann claimed that Mushtaq Ahmed was his batting mentor. Graeme Swann’s pleasingly unafraid to tell outright lies every now and again, but we think he was serious about this.

Mushtaq Ahmed shouldn’t be anybody’s batting mentor. You can’t just find the nearest person who’s older than you, call them a mentor and hope something productive comes out of it. Where would we be if Kris Kross had used some passing wino as a mentor?

Actually, maybe they did, judging by the fact that they wore all their clothes backwards for no discernable reason whatsoever. And thinking about it, Kris Kross didn’t make a huge contribution to the world in which we live. They could have had Mark E Smith as a mentor and achieved no less.

Mark E Smith’s not our mentor, but we do consider him a role model.


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  1. I must say having the mardy, eccentric and frequently violent Mark Smith as your role model explains an awful lot about your blog O King – a monarch in the Ivan the Terrible mould?

  2. Swann gave an awesome interview to Cricinfo this evening: “No-one wants to be a bowler as a kid because it’s rubbish.”

  3. Swanny must be a journo’s dream; no dull old bollocks about putting the ball in the right areas all the time.

  4. Swann is so brilliant.

    Just hope he doesn’t jump the sofa and get all Hoggy and annoying.

  5. Loved Swanny, but noted that the interviewer said at one point “come on, you’ve got to back yourself”, like every single Australian does after every cricket match. There’s a lot of nonsense talked about backing yourself in my opinion.

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