Kevin Pietersen gets sledged by a worm

“What did you say, you little bastard?”

Ro-Sham-Bo it KP

KP suffered a dislocated little finger and severe bruising to his fist shortly after this picture was taken.

Stop, stop. Wait a minute.

Why don't you...

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4 Appeals

  1. Poor KC not having any feedback for his remote posts. I think they are all very good so far, so i am going to give each some feedback.

    KP is so smug

  2. Busy day, I take it, D Charlton?

  3. Peace loving Jim silences another obstreperous worm before KP implodes

  4. Very busy – always busy. I have busy things to do being busy.
    Listening to topps tiles EFFF EMMM for one thing

    Must dash – too busy to wri…

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