Laurence Elderbrook is a colossal bell-end. He reported on his 2008 season for us. For some reason everybody didn’t hate him, so afterwards we gave him an agony aunt section. Then everyone hated him.

2017 season

  1. Laurence Elderbrook finds a new way to share his gift
  2. Laurence Elderbrook embarks upon a career as a ‘cricketer errant’
  3. Laurence Elderbrook refines his method
  4. Laurence Elderbrook confronts a new challenge
  5. Laurence Elderbrook benefits from the gift of time
  6. Laurence Elderbrook fights and defeats nerves
  7. Laurence Elderbrook warms up for action

2009 winter season

  1. Elderbrook takes stock
  2. Laurence departs
  3. Laurence acclimatises
  4. Laurence Elderbrook: all-rounder
  5. Laurence gives a lesson in opening the batting
  6. Laurence imparts some wisdom

2008 season

Part one
Part two
Part three
Part four
Part five
Part six
Part seven
Part eight
Part nine

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Ask the ‘expert’