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We can’t believe none of you have got anything to say about Andrew Strauss’s slow transformation into a slightly defective Blockatron 9000. We were sure you’d have strong feelings about that.

How about Sri Lanka beating India? Have you got thoughts about that?

We’re rather hoping that you do, because we’re a bit Mendissed-out and aren’t going to bother. Unless we do something about India deserving it because they don’t much care about Tests…

No. It would end up too dull. We can see it already.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. India’s Test side is a bit like a home for retired One-Day cricketers these days.

    The real story isn’t Mendis (at least, not yet – if he takes 26 wickets in England next year it surely will be), it’s the potential End Of An Era for India’s ‘Fab 4’, or ‘Famous Five’, or ‘Rainbow Six’, or whatever.

  2. I rather like the thought of Lord Brockett and a huge tweedy monolith, plundering the bowling at the rate of a run an over and moving to a half century at glacier speed whilst Mascara Boy hops backwards and forwards a lot at the other end.

    Am just delighted that the Sri Lankans won. Not fond of India. Sorry. Except for Sehwag of course. And Kumble. And Tendulkar,

  3. Maybe you should get Neil Manthorpe in to guest blog about sandwiches. Then we’d all be interested.

  4. Never mind AP, Kumble and the middle order will be gone by the time England tour (maybe not Tendulkar), to be replaced by Dhoni’s cronies and India all out for 250 in 20-25 overs.

    Woo to Ajantha Mendis, though.

  5. Strauss is fine when he comes in a super-doopa package deal with Trescothick. Bloody useless else.

    Off topic a bit; did anyone else hear Simon Mann (the commentator – not the mercenary) losing his rag with shithead Boycott the other day? Dead funny!

  6. Ooh, yes please. Boycott seems to have been getting a bit more stick in the booth lately. I think Aggers compared receiving his opinions to getting your ears steam-cleaned the other day.

  7. It wasn’t much, but Boycott interupted Mann while he was attempting to read out the score card. Geoffrey had picked a topic from his repertoire of two subjects (over rates are crap and Paul Harris is crap) .

    SM: Strauss was…….


    SM: Yes Geoffrey, I think we’ve all heard your opinion of Paul Harris. If you let me finnish reading the score card out for the listeners you can have your say AGAIN!

    Simon Mann read the rest of the card out and then said “Now, Geoffrey – you were saying?”

    Boycott muttered “I’ve already said it” preceded to sulk for about five minutes.

  8. I imagine Pougatch is busy covering the Limpicks like all the other generic sports presenters.

    Why couldn’t they have sent Boycott to the Limpicks and left the lovely Alison Mitchell with TMS?

  9. Alison Mitchell? I’ve obviously not been listening to TMS anywhere near as much as I should. Most series will find me in the car at lunchtime with the radio on…but not this one.

    Ho hum. Anyway KC, you’ve got competition —

    Now to the real cricket. So much for the Indian Fab Four — I’m still not going to big up Mendis as the next big thing…but he’s certainly not doing badly!

    It’s just a pity that, if SL do tour England next year (I don’t recall reading/hearing any confirmation), they’re going to have to pull out some kind of Secret Seven to replace the mainstays playing IPL.

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