Please can we talk about the time Rohit Sharma ate 25 fried eggs in one go?

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Rohit Sharma (via ICC video)

In one respect our latest piece for Cricket 365 is a Rohit Sharma v Virat Kohli comparison sort of thing. At the same time, the bit about how Sharma once ate 25 fried eggs in one go is so overwhelming that you could just as easily say that it’s a Rohit Sharma fried-egg-eating piece that has a few Kohli references in it for context.

Either way, it’s unarguably the most important thing that you’ll read today.

You can find it here.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Eating what you want after you have exercised (or been for a run or whatever) is an excellent approach. It’s basically the only reason I run.
    “Should I get chips with that? Yes, I should. I’ve run 10 miles today, so I’m still ahead on calories”

    Though Rohit Sharma probably doesn’t bother about calories.

  2. Depending on the consistency of the yolks he was either happy with the runs he got or completely egg-bound.

  3. No further details, you say?

    If ever there were a cause for you to utilise your extensive network of cricketing, journalistic, and cricketing-journalistic, contacts, this would appear to be it.

      1. Fair enough – this networking stuff is hard work. I have to go to a Brexit networking event tomorrow. Because they’ve scheduled it for late on a Friday afternoon, what was meant to be a star-studded event chock full of influential big swinging dicks has turned into an all-out begging exercise to the hoi-polloi to please, please come and spare the indignity of empty seats in the shiny new auditorium. There will be beer, pizza and wine, we are told. I suppose you have to make the best of the situation and use it as a springboard to a Big Night Out (no dancing rules apply) and corral some of the least detestable types into joining you.

  4. We have KP in our local broadcaster’s studio, and while he does have a few insights into the modern game… What a prick! An immature, snide, prickly little prick.

    1. I can picture Strauss and Cook giving him a steely glare at least thrice a day, while KP laughed his head off like a manic child just after having said something sly & nasty. Opinion changed – 8 years of tolerating this guy in their team was a masterclass in man-management.

      1. Haha, it’s thrill-a-minute not knowing how awful the next cycle of disbelief-awkward silence-forced laughs-disdain is going to be. KP seems to revel in creating these situations, finds a lot of joy in them.

  5. Loved this article, the reference to Cricinfo not pursuing the matter further clearly draws the line between the brilliant journalism (KC) and the medi(y)ocre (every other website.
    On a serious note though, every egg Rohit eats is a step closer to being run out in the final for a duck. (I will stop now).

  6. Favourite World Cup cricketers so far XI:

    1. Tamim
    2. Guptill (for the funniest hit wicket)
    3. Root
    4. Hetmyer
    5. Williamson
    6. Shakib
    7. Nabi
    8. Sarfaraz (he’s fat and he did a big yawn)
    9. Santner
    10. Amir
    11. Malinga

    Honourable mentions for Wood, Yadav, Wahab, Archer, Hashmatulla

  7. As those of us of a certain nationality and vintage will remember, neither Ian Botham nor Geoff Boycott could eat three Shredded Wheats.

  8. For example.

    It seems I might have made it up about Boycott, as YouTube, the infallible archive of late 20th century doesn’t seem to having, but I really don’t think so, I’m sure I remember that lopsided leer over an uneaten breakfast loofah.

  9. Which species of bird laid the eggs?

    25 chickens’ eggs would be a seriously hefty meal, granted.

    25 quails eggs? That is quite a large portion, but not so very extraordinary.

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