Reece Topley postpones overuse injury for a year

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Reece Topley (CC licnsed by Kyle Andrews via Wikimedia)

Reece Topley’s not going to play first-class cricket this year. He’s been injured a lot – stress fractures mostly – so Hampshire asked the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) what they should do.

The ECB pretty much said that there’s altogether too much domestic cricket for a pace bowler recovering from serious injury to get through, so maybe pare back his workload a bit. It’s not entirely clear why they gave the impression that the injury is what tipped the balance.

Topley will play white ball cricket this year and then, all being well, will try and suffer another stress fracture next year upon his return to first-class cricket.


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  1. Topley wasn’t high on my list of probables or even possibles for test cricket…nor domestic first class cricket come to that.

    Could they ask his dad to take a year off from internet radio broadcasting in all formats? When Don Topley is on commentary, Daisy invariably (without realising who is commentating) says, “can’t you turn this off for a while, it is so boring/tedious/dreadful”.

    Don Topley is to Daisy’s cricket listening what Prokofiev is to her music listening.

  2. This Ben Stokes chap seems pretty decent, maybe he warrants inclusion in the Test side in future?

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