Ricky Ponting talking to the umpires

Whinging Poms? Has the world ever seen a whingier cricketer than Ricky Thomas Ponting?

Sport needs a bit of ‘us and them’ so that you can enjoy it properly, so it was perversely enjoyable to see Ponting spend three-quarters of an hour bending Aleem Dar’s ear. As he stamped his feet with tears rolling down his pudgy munchkin face, it was just about impossible not to feel your support for England swelling by the second – even if you were Australian.

Ponting has ‘previous’ when it comes to bitching and moaning at umpires. He’s got something of the Premiership footballer about him in that he’ll lean right in the umpire’s face, seemingly oblivious to the fact that the decision has been made and will never be changed in a million years.

Aleem Dar knows how to deal with Ricky Ponting. He blankly explained what had happened, effortlessly rising above the situation. Then, later on, he called for a no-ball review when a wicket had been taken, saving Matt Prior. On the outside Dar remained just as blank-faced when the no-ball was confirmed, but on the inside he was pointing and laughing at ol’ Spit Hands, red-faced and fuming in his tatty green hat.

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10 Appeals

  1. Aw, now come on. Don’t kick a man when he’s down, however bootable his podgy stropcheeks might be…here’s gatt showing how u have a proper paddy…

  2. What a Pratt.

  3. Or “what a Gary”, as they say in “Ponting bad day” circles, Bert.

    Yes, I spotted the capital P and the extra t.

  4. I’ve been praying for death for England thus far. Today reminded me how much I hate these cunts (Oz). All the memories of bullying umpires, getting questionable decisions going their way, the gloating and grinning about it. Well FUCK YOU, YOU CUNTS. I hope you get it up the ass now, and I hope you fucking die, every one of you. This team, the team before, the Haydens and Langers, all of you, FUCK OFF. DIE.

  5. e normous

    You’re not too keen on them are you?

  6. Ponting has always been one of these people who are the essence of sportsmanship when things are going his way, and the essence of arsehole when things are not (Pratt incident; India 2008, now). I wouldn’t mind so much if it wasn’t for his constant calls for everyone else to uphold the Spirit of Cricket, which seemed to mean letting Australia win as far as he was concerned.

    Anyway, this all still leaves a huge amount of doubt about his future career. The possibilities are manyfold:

    1. This is his last test
    2. The Sydney test is his last test

    Who knows?

  7. Ponting has been a terrific batsman…but about time he was pulled up for poor conduct! Although he’s lucky to get just a 40% fee cut…. A$5400…that’s peanuts to him.

  8. GED is taking his time today!

    What I couldn’t understand is what he thought he was going to achieve through whinging

  9. Just like e normous, I can’t help feeling a bit sorry for the Australians and especially their under- pressure skipper.

  10. Ricky Ponting or is he really George Bush?

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