Rob Key and Joe Denly POWER UP

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Rob Key’s Special Powers are already being passed on to Joe Denly. Kent’s opening pair started the season with a hundred apiece and an opening stand of 225. POWER UP!

Whatever Leeds-Bradford UCCE threw at them, Key and Denly countered it with disdain.

Harry Gurney: Countered with disdain!

Richard Browning: Countered with disdain!

James Lord: Countered with disdain!

Duncan Snell: Countered with disdain!

Tom Pringle: Disdainfully countered!

Having thoroughly and comprehensively POWERED UP during this warm-up fixture, Rob Key and Joe Denly should now remain FULLY POWERED for the remainder of the season.

In fact, it would be no surprise if, later in the season, Rob Key has been SO FULL OF POWER for SO LONG that he starts to glow white hot and consequently discovers A WHOLE NEW LEVEL OF POWER.

It would be no surprise at all if that happened. No surprise whatsoever. It probably will happen. In fact, it’s such a cast-iron certainty let’s start taking bets as to when it’s going to occur.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. I reckon it will take place just in time for the 20’20 finals day.

    He will then throw his bat, in a display of said power, after being given out to a dodgy decision. He will look unhappy that a lesser being has deemed him to be out, to an even lesser being.

  2. A lot of shouting of late, KC, keep the NOISE DOWN – am trying to sleep.

    Go Rob Key and your fickle guard.

  3. We are getting rambunctious, aren’t we? Don’t worry, for every manic episode there’s the corresponding depressive period.

    All aboard the glass-half-empty defeatism train!

  4. I am keenly anticipating His Pinkness strangling the arse Colvile on an early highlights of the Test match programme, overcome with rage at Colvile’s inane questions and hopeless pontificating.

    He’d then front the show for the remainder of the NZ series before taking over the England captaincy and leading us to glory against Seth Efriker

  5. That will never happen. Colville won’t get a big-boy game as long as his Gowerness is breathing.

  6. Rob Key currently 5* after 45 balls whilst the rest of his team are struggling on an unplayable pitch against Notts!

    Obviously the man is a batting genius to be able to face 45 balls on such a minefield!

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