Rob Key inaugurates new site with a fine, fine hundred

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Well that didn’t take long. What is it, our third proper update?

Underrated, big-boned, monopoliser of our waking thoughts, Rob Key, hit 153 against Warwickshire today. One prominent expert was moved to comment:

“Give him a bat and pelt balls at him from 22 yards away and he’ll binge on runs like Don Bradman after a rare dry spell.

“Quite simply, I have never seen batting of such exemplary and sustained brilliance in all my days. It was brilliance of such extraordinary magnitude that many of us witnessing it remarked on the extraordinary magnitude of its brilliance.

“I asked one of the stewards: ‘Have you ever seen batting brilliance of such an extraordinary magnitude?’

“He replied: ‘No. The brilliance of his batting truly is of an extraordinary magnitude’.”

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  1. What else must Key do to catch the eye of the England selectors. I’m not a Kent fan but I would love so see him back in the fold. If he could find some international form I think he’d be a good contender for captain too.

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