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Chris Martin loses the knack

Chris Martin has always struck as being a good bowler with a knack for not taking wickets. Opening the bowling in India and dismissing Gambhir, Dravid, Tendulkar, Raina and Dhoni in no time at all, it’s safe to say he no longer has that knack.

Or perhaps he now has a very specific knack – a knack for dismissing Gambhir, Dravid, Tendulkar, Raina and Dhoni in no time at all in the second innings of Test matches taking place in Ahmedabad. This is not a knack he’ll ever be able to make use of again, but it’s better than having a knack for slipping on rocks and landing on a particular part of your upper thigh again and again and again.

No-one wants that knack – least of all us.

Chris Martin – not the best bowler in New Zealand

Chris 'bounce' MartinThe angular-elbowed, overly springy-running, Kiwi namesake of Dorset-raised, middle-class Coldplay singer, Chris Martin, has been dropped by New Zealand. What do you make of this? (Assuming you can work out what ‘this’ is from that sentence.)

We partly think ‘who for?’ being as New Zealand don’t exactly have heaps of Test class players obscuring every inch of their idyllic scenery. The answer is Mark Gillespie, who seems okay, but ‘okay’ won’t help Chris Martin accept the decision.

Martin always has the look of a good bowler, but somehow never takes too many wickets. If we were a Test batsman, we’d love facing Chris Martin. You’d score a hundred and you could say that you did so against good bowling.

There are some mediocre bowlers who have the knack of taking wickets. Chris Martin has the knack of not taking wickets.

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