This is so wrong. How can we be sure we’re really us? Maybe later we can go near some normal people for a minute to check that we still detest all of humanity.

Glenn McGrath having conceded a runIt’s Twenty20’s fault. Bowlers get 24 balls to influence a match and for the majority of those deliveries the batsman tries to slog them into next week. If they slog successfully, everyone cheers. If they miss and get bowled, everyone looks disappointed and says that the bowler was lucky.

Look at some Twenty20 bowling figures where a bowler’s taken three wickets. Do you think ‘well played’ or do you think ‘three bad shots when they were slogging at the end’? To our shame, we default to the latter.

So good on Glenn McGrath for taking 4-29 for Delhi Daredevils against Bangalore Royal Challengers and for doing so through skill. For all the ‘imagine Matthew Hayden and Mahendra Dhoni batting together’ fantasies, it’s been McGrath and Mohammad Asif, Delhi’s new ball attack, that’s been the most exciting pairing – mere bowlers.

It’s not that they’re the most spectacular bowlers, because they clearly aren’t. It’s that they’re of the highest quality and with flat pitches and odds loaded towards the batsmen, everyone’s wondering if there’s anything a bowler can do or whether they’re merely cannon fodder.

Miserly old Glenn McGrath must hate being seen as a source of runs. He’s probably only bothering to take wickets because he knows that it means dot balls.