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Threats made to Mohammad Amir and other Pakistan cricketers

As we understand it – and we’ll cheerfully admit to being well out of our depth here – the judge rejected the basis of Mohammad Amir’s plea; that he was put under pressure to do what he did. Amir was asked to prove it and declined the opportunity, citing non-physical threats to himself and his family.

What do the grown-ups among you make of that?

Is it an opportunistic excuse based on the claims of Zulqarnain Haider or could it be the truth? If it’s the latter, how are non-physical threats going to keep you from giving evidence that might prevent a jail term?

Well, while writing this, we’ve just heard that Amir’s going to appeal, so maybe that’s what that’s about. Either way, someone should have a word with Ijaz Butt. He’s picking up the bookies circle loud and clear. He’ll know what’s going on.

What does Zulqarnain Haider say?

Zulqarnain Haider literally says:

“leaving pakistan cricket because get bad msg fr 1 man fr lose the match in last game.”

But what does he ACTUALLY say? Can anyone help us? What does that mean? Pakistan won their last match, so this Facebook message is a bit confusing.

Why has the world renounced clarity? We had a conversation with someone at work last week where they used the same word to refer to two entirely different things, seemingly blissfully unaware that this would lead to any confusion.

We will reproduce the quote here, only we will use the phrase ‘false nose’ in place of the word he used to make it slightly more colourful.

“There’s two options. Would it be better to have six false noses and four false noses or nine false noses?”

Zulqarnain Haider has failed to turn up for today’s one-day international against South Africa in Dubai. He’s got his passport, so it sounds like he’s done one.

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