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We’ve another thing. It’s a fortnightly column for All Out Cricket called The Shire Horse. It’s non-serious, so you don’t have to sigh and roll your eyes at our making an attempt to ‘say something’.

We hope you’re okay with the fact that we’re increasingly linking to stuff we’ve written elsewhere. It seems to make sense to do that for a couple of reasons. Firstly, you, the reader, don’t miss owt that we’ve done; and secondly, as we’ve said before, we only have a limited number of things to say.

This site’s the centre of what we do, so it can serve as a kind of hub. We’ll link to what we do for other people and when there’s nowt appearing elsewhere, there’ll be summat here, same as ever.

On this subject, we’ve also got a thing in this month’s issue of The Cricketer about how to identify when your team’s turned shit. That’s on paper though, so no link.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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    1. The double-o for that vowel sound really jars for people who use said vowel. Never got it.

    2. Yes!

      Music papers of the mid to late 1990s insisted that the Gallagher brothers repeatedly used the word “fook”. I never understood why.

    3. The phonetic vowel they’re looking for when transcribing the northern U is, er, U. It’s the southern one that needs writing differently, something like a short AH.

      How mahch?
      Fahk off (sorry, fahk orf)
      Sahrrey are rahbbish
      Shall we go to the pahb for an glarse of Pimms?
      Middlesex are rahbbish
      Essex are rahbbish

  1. We lost again. But it’s ok because I made light of it in a vaguely humorous blog post. Behold!

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