Virender Sehwag and Rahul Dravid are back

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Virender Sehwag hit a typically outrageous hundred at the weekend against a group of bowlers we’ve never heard of. Some might say that it wasn’t testing enough to warrant a return to the Test side, but Virender Sehwag doesn’t really work like that.

Whether Virender Sehwag succeeds is largely down to him. He goes after pretty much anything, so even a half-volley can get him if it’s wide enough. The exact same delivery might find the edge of his bat one day or be pummelled by the middle of it the next. It just depends how he’s feeling. 29 today was neither here nor there though.

Rahul Dravid hasn’t actually been away, it just seems like he has. He must have some profound psychological problem with opening the batting, because while he’s looked painfully laboured as an opener in the first two matches of this series, having moved back to three (which isn’t all that different) he’s made a quite respectable 93.

Maybe you could get more out of Dravid if you made him open but didn’t let him know. His partner could walk out first and then shortly afterwards Anil Kumble could say: ‘Balls. Jaffer/Sehwag’s out,’ and Dravid could follow, convinced he was an invincible number three, rather than Mark Richardson with only a third of the shots.

India have turned a clearly dominant position into a so-so one by losing their last two specialist batsmen near the close of play. You shouldn’t do that against Australia.

We’ve deliberately made this post even more boring than our usual dross, because we’re still inwardly smarting at the groundswell of apathy that greeted our Matthew Hayden update the other day. That was better than five comments (one from us).

Actually, we’ve just read it again and maybe it isn’t all that good…


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  1. Re the Matthew Hayden post, what the comments lacked in quantity they definitely made up for in commitment and passion.

  2. Plus, one of them is badly spelt, grammatically shoddy, unrelated to the original article and, most importantly, all in capitals – don’t those comments count at least double?

    This comment takes you up to 5 for this article and none of them are about the content of it. Is that a better or worse response?

  3. It’s worse due to our own contribution, but it still compares unfavourably – after all, this update’s one of our worst ever.

  4. If you’re referring to this post’s successor, we think you’ll find that we’ve included a picture of ‘no spinner’.

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