Adil Rashid has day one of the County Championship

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Adil Rashid gives the pterodactyl a right hook

“Day one of the County Championship?” thought Adil Rashid. “I’ll have that.”

So he did.

Rashid has kicked off with 6-77 against Worcestershire. That’s called ‘being better than everyone else,’ that is. We recognise it well from all the millions of times we’ve been one small part of the ‘everyone else’.

The end.

This in-depth coverage of the County Championship is going pretty well. You won’t get insight like this anywhere else.


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  1. We’re hoping to publish a greater number of really blurry pictures this summer as well.

    That’s going well too.

  2. Better than everyone else, apart from perhaps Darren Stevens, who took 5 for 14 in 12?

    1. But that’s second division cricket. In first division terms, that equates to 0-60.

    1. Holding an invisible what with his left hand? A small dog I thought, but can’t be sure.

    2. It’s actually an invisible drnks tray. Rashid is so good he can take five-fors while telling you all about this Chilean shiraz he’s just got in.

  3. One day into the CC and it’s already acrimony-alert-time here at KC.

    Anyone keeping an eye on the University matches this April. Decent standard…

  4. Day 3 was supposed to be Ben Stokes’ day. Starts off taking 3 wickets in an over to get rid of the Hants tail, to get his best ever figures and a 6-fer. Then comes in at #4 in pursuit of a declaration and hits 135* from 145.

    However, Rashid’s second five-for best ever match figures of 11/114 says that the Yorkshireman may have nicked this one anyway.

  5. based on that photo alone, his action looks dodgy.
    Unless he extends his arm to less than 15°C before the punch has contacted? then he should banned from boxing with dinobots.

    1. if the arm is not extended to the required angle (or temperature as brad has suggested) does the dinobot receive a free hit?

      Personally I’d be brining Ryu on from the Members End to deal with said dinobot.

    2. Unfortunately, the shoryuken has been outlawed so Ryu’s effectiveness has been greatly reduced.

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