Adil Rashid is getting worse

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How much worse?

One worse.

Having taken 6-77 in Worcestershire’s first innings, Adil Rashid could only manage 5-37 in their second innings. This grave loss of form is deeply worrying.

Ben Stokes is getting better

How much better?

125 better.

Having scored 10 in Durham’s first innings, Ben Stokes then made 135 not out in their second innings. We’ve plotted this on a graph for you:

Ben Stokes' innings

You can really appreciate that this represents improvement when you see the data in this form.

Stokes took 6-68 in between those two innings, but we don’t know much about his bowling, so we don’t know how to feel about that.

We’re pretty sure that 6-68 is good, but without plotting it on a graph, we can’t be certain.


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    1. Football Venns! We just did a little bit of a sick in our mouth.

      This is what it must feel like to have been sexually abused for eight to ten years.

      Is that joke in poor taste?

    2. OK, so technically those footie pics are venns, but where’s the beauty? Where’s the refinement? Where’s the intellectual rigour? Where’s the class?

    3. It’s not that bad taste, I have heard worse jokes.

      Dan – did I ever tell you my spinach joke?

  1. Why isn’t the y-axis labeled? Now I have to read the article to understand the plot, which defeats the purpose.

  2. More seriously, that Stokes innings featured him hitting 31 off one over – no mean feat.

  3. I love the fact that he hit 5 maximums off the first five balls and then too a single to keep the strike.

    That’s proper cricket!

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