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Ian Bell’s given a monumentally unenlightening interview to the BBC.

Summary: ‘I want to play for England’.

Towards the end, he says:

“I’ve got to make sure that I’m undroppable over the second part of my England career.”

You’re undroppable now, Ian. It’s just you’re undroppable in the same way as Leicestershire’s Josh Cobb or Gloucestershire’s Rob Woodman. You’re as undroppable as we are, Ian.

No-one can say that we’re in even the slightest danger of getting dropped from the England team for poor performance, lax fitness or a bad attitude.

We aren’t even going to get dropped for making all our team mates feel morbid as a result of our forceful and unrelenting negativity.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. ‘undroppable’ is an odd choice of adjective. if he’s going to make outlandish, unlikely statements then he should have just replaced it with:
    ‘i’ve got to make sure that i’m better over the second part of my England career.’

  2. No, Charlie; you see, making sure he’s undroppable doesn’t actually mean he has to get any better. He just has to eliminate everyone else with a claim to being one of the top five batsmen in England, which is far more achievable.

    We should watch out for a series of improbable accidents befalling England Lions batsmen, with witnesses speaking of a shifty-looking fella who looked like all of his facial features were huddling together for warmth in the middle of his face.

    Accordingly, I think Rob Key should be provided with a protection detail forthwith.

  3. Following Aristotle (no, he is not that guy opener for the Kolkata Knight Riders), the best way to be undroppable is actually not being on the team. Since you are already dropped, you are not droppable anymore. Considering his recent performance, he seems to have been working with this in mind for a while now. Good Lord! Ian Bell is a thorough greek scholar with a keen eye for logic and we didn’t know about it. Remarkable.

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