Asif, Aamer and Gul ask you if you enjoy fun

If you actually enjoy cricket, you can’t help but have enjoyed watching Mohammad Asif, Mohammad Aamer and Umar Gul bowl yesterday. It was better than spoon meat and carbonated dipping jam.

That they bowled Australia out for 88 was something of a bonus. Quite simply, this was cricket LIKE IT’S MEANT TO BE. These three bowlers actually had a choice as to what they did with the ball, swinging it in and out and seaming it as well. They didn’t just ‘put it in the right areas’ hoping for the best. They had plans, they were devious and they were flat-out ace.

It makes it so much more interesting. What will the next ball do? How will the batsman cope? There was no ‘plugging away outside off’. There was no ‘waiting for the bad ball’. There was an actual battle going on out there because for once it wasn’t a batsman with a tank and air strikes against a bowler with a blindfold on and his knees tied together.

It was Test cricket.

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5 Appeals

  1. and it was the 8th time that Australia had collapsed in the last 12 months. That is worse than Keith Richards. here are the other seven

  2. Has this prompted Afridi to reconsider his retirement already??

  3. Judging by the latest score from Leeds, Afridi is probably feeling quite pleased with his retirement right now.

  4. The thing I enjoyed most about the Aussie’s being all out for 88 is the the knowledge that Pakistan will find an ingenious way of losing this test!

  5. ..and not a mention of picking seams or roughing up pitches……….

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