Australia batting collapse and other good things

This morning, we said that England’s 425 wasn’t a good score against these Australian bowlers. We stand by that, but somewhat gleefully concede that it isn’t as bad a score as 156-8.

With this and Steve Harmison taking 6-20 in the county championship, could things get any better?

Rob Key’s hit an unbeaten double hundred.

Everyone watch out for shadowy figures who represent bad luck tonight. They’ll be out to get us all after this, the fate redressing bastards.

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5 Appeals

  1. Oh happy day

    the weather was a monkey’s wedding and so was the cricket

    a terrible start
    a great wag of the tail
    a terrific opening from Anderson (which made me think of his fiver under lights in Cape Town against Pakistan) and a 2005 facsimile Fred
    a chuntering Ponting
    the ‘is that it’ doubts of the third wicket partnership
    and finally – England – bowling, catching, fielding and keeping all rolling over Australia
    we even talked about it with total strangers on the tube going home

  2. I thought you had thrown in a Keysian fantasy but it is true. He should be batting at Lords not in the bluffing Ashes playing cards.

  3. I hope your strangers on the tube weren’t shadowy figures, Jill.

    His majesty will be most unimpressed if they were.

  4. Can we please get a post on how ridiculous Sky’s speed gun readings are? Flintoff is apparently the fastest bowler on the planet, averaging 91mph and hitting the mid-nineties regularly, total doofuses like Onion and Hilfenhaus are hitting ninety, batsmen are playing this lightning fast bowling with little trouble, man, cricketers who play on Sky Sports are truly supermen compared to the weenies everywhere else on earth.

  5. Even Ian Bell is scoring runs

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