Australia’s Twenty20 selection policy

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It's George Bailey - looking slightly like a woman in our opinionSam writes:

Greetings, King Cricket readers. I would like to share some facts with you. Everyone loves a good fact. Here they come.

  • George Bailey is the new captain of Australia’s Twenty20 team
  • He is the first player since Dave Gregory in 1877 to be named captain in his first international match in any format
  • Dave Gregory was captain in the first ever Test Match
  • George Bailey’s career domestic Twenty20 average is 27.6, with a highest score of 60
  • George Bailey has scored one Twenty20 half century in the last three seasons
  • In his last domestic Twenty20 match Bailey was bowled by Brad Hogg for 4
  • On February 6 Brad Hogg will be 41 years old
  • Brad Hogg has been recalled to the Australian Twenty20 squad
  • Brad Hogg retired from international cricket in 2008


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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    1. Didn’t for a minute think you’d have a George Bailey photo. We’ll add it to the post. Ta.

    2. It is quite clear from the picture that George Bailey has stepped out of his crease and hence that is a no-ball. So you still don’t have a picture of him being bowled.

  1. Well thank god for that – we’re back to laughing at the Australians. These last couple of days have been pretty hard, what with them winning easily and us collapsing to ignominious defeat like a blue whale that had been winning a stilt-walking race.

    Thanks Sam and KC. It’s good to know that even in the toughest of times there are still people out there prepared to selflessly blinker themselves completely and laugh at someone else.

  2. WTF? No piccies of Hogg with his tongue stuck out so far it’s actually in Bali when he plays in Aus?

  3. I thought Chris Cowdrey nepotistic captaincy of england was on debut (the term nepotism, of course deriving from the practice of Popes favouring their “nephews” as they could have no acknowledged legitimate offspring), but it seems he had debuted earlier. The nepotism bit is still valid, but the tenuous link to Sam’s post isn’t.

  4. I hear he nearly jumped off a bridge when he got out last time as he believed he was worth more to his team dead than alive. Luckily Clarence was able to show him what the world would have been like without him in it.

  5. Because it’s T20. And no-one really gives a shit about T20, and that’s not a thing any number of lucrative sponsorship deals can change.

    Just because more people watch it, doesn’t mean anyone gives a shit. It’s like Come Dine with Me, or a Transformers film.

  6. Bringing Rob Croft back to England team for T20’s makes more sense than Hogg for Australia, because Croft actually bowled decently last season.

  7. My cricket-mad, cricket-knowledgable, Australia- supporting friend Les reckons that, except for not moving Mitchie (not Starc, and not the one that looks like Freddie Mercury – the other one) up the batting order, the boy done good with setting his fields, and with his bowling choices.

    And apparently Hogg didn’t do badly either.

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