Booing Ricky Ponting

Ricky Ponting - serenity and unflappability personifiedGiles Clarke says England fans shouldn’t boo Ricky Ponting. He thinks it shows a lack of respect for a great batsman. He thinks it’s offensive.

Well, you can happily discard Giles Clarke and his comments. Giles Clarke likes being photographed next to a big box of money. Not only that, but he pretty much rubs up against the box like a lonely dog  and ejaculates in his pants when it happens. Now that’s offensive.

However, could we recommend that spectators make use of the silent boo? As we’ve told you before, this is the greatest weapon in the critic’s armoury.

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7 Appeals

  1. Fair play to Ponting (and it’s not often I write that) — he’s come out and said that he’s got no problem with it all.

    The Aussies are a team of competitors, not a bunch of big girls’ blouses. As such, they expect to get some abuse, and it might even serve to spur them on.

    What next? Appointing some sort of neutral groundsman? But I forget — the ECB already choose their pitches by money rather than results.

  2. The King is too modest to admit it but he’s suggested alternative tactics to booing on the Wisden Cricketer blog – and it’s a nice read…

  3. People seem to be missing the distinction between general abuse throughout the game and a batsman being booed when they come out to bat. The former has always gone on; the latter rarely so. When a batsman comes in (and goes out) is the time to appreciate them.

  4. mate you are dead on in your advice not to boo ricky. he loves that shite. laps it up. it brings out the angry bouncer punching, greyhound racing, bourbon drinking bevan (aussie for chav) that he is. he loves it. witness his 8 per over this innings.

  5. We should try booing England.

  6. Ricky Ponting is a great batsman.
    He is also a petulant big girl’s blouse.So,if gets booed he is asking for it.

  7. Ed Smith has copied your argument in the Daily Torygraph today, albeit with a shit load more verbosity and pompousness, but your argument all the same.

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