Kemar Roach to Ricky Ponting

Kemar Roach shows where on Ricky Ponting he's aiming

Kemar Roach didn’t break Ricky Ponting’s elbow, but Ponting must have been mainlining milk for the past six years for that not to happen. He’s David Dunn to Nasser Hussain’s Mr Glass.

Kemar Roach bowls at 90-95mph and when he learns that he should bowl with the wind instead of against it, even Ponting will be in danger of the odd fracture.

You’ve got to love Roach. ‘Do you want to open the batting?’ should elicit the same response as ‘Would you like some company?’ or ‘Do you think you’ve had enough to drink?’

Kemar Roach makes opening the batting as unpleasant as it’s supposed to be – as unpleasant as life in general.

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6 Appeals

  1. Punter is getting old. Almost any young bowler with no record behind him can rattle him. They should run a book on it.

  2. The world of sport is returning to how it ought to be (i.e. the 1980s). West Indian bowling is scary. The heart of the English middle order is African. Long distance runners and Australian batsmen all have moustaches. Beer is allowed in world championship darts. We can all name five downhill skiers. The second and fourth words of this comment have capital letters.

  3. Has roach just swallowed Ponting’s head after failing to break his elbow?

  4. WTF is wrong with his neck!?

  5. Narkins, I really think he’s a Kocka Roach, that’s why his neck looks a bit odd….

  6. His dad is also Papa Roach, in the most literal sense.

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