Bowlers forced to wrap their fingers round pink balls

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There are some things you just have to do and making a ‘pink balls’ joke is one of those things.

Pink balls are going to be tested in second XI matches next year with a view to using them in Twenty20 cricket the following summer and in one-day internationals after that.

The MCC’s head of cricket John Stephenson said: “Paint tends to flake off white balls. The challenge is to produce a ball which retains its colour.

“If the white ball is not working, let’s look at another colour – and pink was a pretty good compromise.”

If white paint flakes off a cricket ball, it’s not the colour that’s at fault, but the paint, surely. Or is pink a fundamentally more resilient colour?


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  1. It is the paint that causes the issue.. But the pink balls shouldn’t be as affected by the flaking, as white..

    There’s less chance for the pink colour to be overrun by the green grass, than with white balls, so they should be able to continue with one ball for ODI’s, instead of the ludicrous change they have now..

    Anyway, the thought of someone getting a crack on the chin by pink balls, makes me giggle like a child.

    Tee Hee!

  2. aren’t pink balls going to turn muddy brown with grass stains? And how will they standout against the red bits on England’s pajamas? Or against Windies maroon?

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