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Can’t be bothered doing the maths, but it’s looking like Lancashire might be the ones slipping into second division invisibility and inconsequence next season.

Before this last round of matches, Lancs needed quite a lot to go against them to be relegated.

And lo, it came to pass.

They’re currently on the receiving end against relegation rivals Warwickshire and while it’s still early days, Hampshire are well-placed for a win against Durham. If things carry on like this, those two teams will join hands and perform a gleeful-yet-crushing leapfrog to safety.

Bad light in Birmingham is the only thing in Lancashire’s favour at the time of writing. Well played, clouds.



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  1. Lancashire getting relegated is as inevitable as Lancashire getting promoted was last year.

    Being the hipster and/or eternal pessimist that I am, I’ve been worried about relegation since June 1st, when Lancashire were joint top.

    1. ‘Hampshire and Surrey have volunteered to keep the rest of us up,’ eh Ged? Surrey got bored of playing Atlas halfway through the season; meanwhile Hampshire are playing The Great Escape 2: The Re-Escapening. Oh how hindsight makes fools of us all.

      Yorkshire are going to win the Championship again.

      1. Fifth columnists, both counties.

        The fiends.

        Lulling poor little Nottinghamshire and Lancashire into false senses of security.

        But why Lancs started playing for draws as soon as they reached the top of the table is anybody’s guess.

        They’ll be spitting bile in the Old Trafford Pit of Hate if Lancs really do end up dropping.

    1. We seem to use the term – and variations thereof – surprisingly frequently on this website.

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