Chris Rogers in the 21st Century

Unparalleled class plus Chris Rogers in the foreground

There is a famous oak tree in the middle of a field near Bakewell in Derbyshire. It is weathered and gnarled and its enormous branches reach halfway to the road. Some say it is lucky. Some say it is cursed. The only thing that is known about it for certain is that it was planted there by Chris Rogers during his first season of county cricket, many, many years ago, back when he was in his thirties.

We think we read somewhere this week that Shaun Marsh has only played one first-class innings in England. This is who could be playing, but instead Australia went for Rogers, who has played about a billion. Being as the English season is longer than the Australian one, we wouldn’t actually be all that surprised to learn that he had played more cricket over here than in his home country.

Chris Rogers’ nickname is Buck. Buck Rogers is a World War I veteran who remains in suspended animation until the 25th Century. When he awakes, he’s surprisingly able-bodied considering he’s technically 521 years old. Both a namesake and a role model, you suspect.

Steve Smith also made a hundred today.

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  1. Cricinfo says his nickname is Bucky. As a short quiz guess which members of the current Aussie squad have these nicknames. Ducky, Fucky, Lucky, Mucky, Sucky, Yucky and Mitch.

    • Ducky – Mitchell Johnson
      Fucky – Mitchell Johnson
      Lucky – Mitchell Johnson
      Mucky – Mitchell Johnson
      Sucky – Mitchell Johnson
      Yucky – Mitchell Johnson
      Mitch – Shane Watson

  2. Presumably Steve Smith, like Joe Root, has become the context?

  3. Especially good hover caption for that photo this time around. How many times have you used that photo now, KC?

  4. Badgery excellence today, KC.

    • King Cricket

      July 17, 2015 at 11:13 am

      Really? We were a bit disappointed with it, if we’re honest.

    • The breakfast for life offer is really good. But why isn’t e-throdkin on the menu?

    • King Cricket

      July 17, 2015 at 11:24 am

      Goes without saying.

    • Length hammering, backside erosion, Shane Watson, breakfast, Shane Watson again, and the amazing prescience of Twelfth Man. And then four words from Darren Lehmann that would not induce more fear if they were spoken by Peter Cushing.

      Anyway, normal service resumed at the test. The last 13 balls have had Australia 1 for 0. They’ll be all out before lunch.

  5. bloody hell, a wicket! i had begun to think they were a thing of the past (or perhaps i had merely dreamed them)

  6. I don’t understand the last paragraph. Does this mean Buck will make a Pixar/Disney movie in the 25th century?

  7. Aussies are hardly going like the clappers if my cricinfo score/overs ticker is anything to go by.

    On that basis, is anyone in the commentary box nagging Shane Warne repeatedly with the question, “are Australia prepared to lose in order to win?”

    If not, someone should be.

  8. 29/3.

    Bring on the rain.

  9. complete this sequence 28/2, 29/3, 30/4 …..

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