IPL third place play-off match report

Alex writes:

Is there any sequence of words in the English language more exciting than ‘third place play-off’?

I’m currently working on the horrifying theory that my internal issues might be caused by beer. This is not a theory I’m keen to see proven.

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6 Appeals

  1. My match report:

    Woke up an hour after the match had gotten over, saw a tweet about the match so I had a look at the scoreboard, went “hmm” and then watched a Whose Line episode.

  2. Glycerin my friend. Glycerin. Stick to the fenny.

  3. King Cricket

    April 25, 2010 at 8:05 am

    Really? Does that have any scientific basis or are you just recommending that we stick to a drink which has TWICE led to us falling asleep on a beach?

    On one of those occasions, the tide woke us by gently lapping at our ankles. And then our waist, at which point we forced ourself to move.

  4. True facts. Glycerine irritates the smooth muscle of the intestine, and is oily so will lubricate. It’s used in suppositories to treat diarrhoea.

    I do hope none of you are enjoying this blog over your lunch breaks.

    Do the beer in water trick that one hears about in India, but never dares try.

  5. It wasn’t a lunch break but thanks for the help staying on my diet.

    The royal innards may be sensitive to one thing in beer so you should be able to find a beer without that one thing and there could be hours of fun finding it.

    What trick? ne?

  6. How about “seventh place play-off”? That’s pretty exciting, no?

    Sorry to hear about the ‘internal issues’ – sounds a bit like something from a government press release. “The internal issues will be dealt with by an internal investigation”. I hope not literally in your case.

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