Jake Lehmann signs for Yorkshire – all you need to know about Son of Boof (+ video)

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Jake Lehmann

There was a brief period when Jake Lehmann’s T20 record was nothing but hitting a six to win a match. His first ever innings for Adelaide Strikers coincided with the last ball against Hobart Hurricanes. He needed to hit a four. He hit a six, which was also acceptable.

Lehmann is well regarded as a batsman and will be more than welcome at Yorkshire being as he’s the son of their greatest-ever overseas pro. As far as the rest of us are concerned, Lehmann’s ludicrous moustache and foppish floppy hair are far and away his most important qualities.

Lehmann replaces Travis Head whose comedy attributes are largely limited to nomenclature.

This news also gives us a semi-credible reason to publish this picture of a teenage Darren Lehmann.

Darren Lehmann

Taken from this video of his first first-class hundred (which was a double).


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. > greatest-ever overseas pro.

    This isn’t Cricinfo. You won’t get loads of extra comments here by slagging off Tendulkar.

  2. I have a photograph on the wall of the Hearne XI displaying a variety of similar moustaches that somehow defined the era. As a collector and seller of Edwardian framed cricket photos I thought it would be novel for a modern cricketer to sport a moustache from yesteryear. After seeing the photo of this young man who is obviously deep in thought about something or other or nothing, I thank KC for banishing such a ridiculous notion. I’m glad I reserved my thinking for an internal monologue save for the anonymity of posting here. Mind you Cook might pull off a pair of rustic mutton chops but as I don’t have Photoshop I’ll never know.

    1. Cook could probably deliver mutton, lamb or hogget chops being as he spends his free time dealing with sheep on a farm.

      1. Oh, right. Broad has Hardy’s, Anderson clothes and face cream , so Cook could back chops, haslet, lights, bangers and finer cuts

  3. To pull that off, you need a fatter face. Jake Lehmann needs to work on his eating skills. Dad could help.

  4. Going by the BBC report (linked article) his dad was the first racist cricketer. A true pioneer. What can Boof Jnr do to live up to these lofty standards?

  5. TBF/CBBF for Martin Guptill today (albeit umpire-assisted, by the sound of it) – even overshadowing TGNW. Bowled!

      1. “Never in my wildest dreams, I expected to get something like this in the quality group we got. Was hard toil, full credit to the Zimbabwe team. Latham and Nicholls, great catching. I think I’ve shrunk a few centimetres after the series. Has been outstanding. Focus on SA now, a lot of hardwork.”

        Shrunk. Few centimetres. I’ll allow you to complete the obvious joke about members of the touring party here, Balladeer…

      1. TBF – to be fair
        TGNW – the great neil wagner?
        CBBF – something something best friends?

  6. I went to Dynkwehi a couple of years ago but the only cricket there to speak of was played in flip-flops on the beach

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