James Hildreth hits a MASSIVE hundred

James Hildreth actually hit three hundreds in succession without being dismissed against the same set of irritated and increasingly despairing bowlers. This is our way of saying that he hit 303 not out against Warwickshire off 338 balls.

This time last year, we spent a long time deliberating over whether to make Joe Denly or James Hildreth one to watch for 2008. We went for Denly in the end, purely because his nickname is ‘No Pants’.

We’ve learnt from this. We no longer think that people who are partial to underwear are less likely to score runs in first-class cricket. You live and learn.

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8 Appeals

  1. And now you decide to be racist against Denly because he’s in the wrong division šŸ™

  2. I’m massively keen for Bell to get back in the test side, but you can’t really hold runs made at Taunton in any sort of stead.

  3. King Cricket

    April 19, 2009 at 9:27 am

    Dunno. Maybe they’re worth more. Taunton’s more like a Test pitch, after all.

  4. just give up. your country sucks. especially at cricket.

  5. Entonkerates would have been a googlewhack yesterday, but you’ve changed that, you glorious bastard.

  6. King Cricket

    April 19, 2009 at 11:14 pm

    Does the present state of affairs not count?

  7. Doesn’t a googlewhack require two words, no quotes, with precisely one result? In which case, King Cricket is currently the sole result for entonkerates bolsteration.

    Although I suppose they fall down on the “being actual words” requirement.

  8. SimonC, good point. I should research these sort of things, but he never does, so why should we?

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