King Cricket wields a staggering degree of influence

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We’ve an announcement to make.

Remember how we got unjustifiably worked up about the shape of the K in the middle of the new logo for The Cricketer? Well, we’ve just had word from their offices and it seems that they’ve been moved to carry out AN OFFICIAL REVIEW.

That’s right, King Cricket words CAN lead to action.

We have the power to make people carefully consider the shape of letters they use in the middle of words, provided lots of other people independently take issue with the exact same letter and also voice their displeasure.

What influence. This is how Martin Luther King must have felt.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


Why risk it when it's so easy to sign up?


  1. Um, I know you’ll be getting all sorts of requests now that you are a man of influence, but can I just slip mine in first, as it were? Can you stop the royal wedding happening on Friday? I’m a bit bored with it, and I suspect it will divert the nation’s attention away from the final day of the Lancs match at Hove.

    1. Why would they schedule a wedding for the same day as a County Championship match? Do the bride and groom want to be upstaged or something?

      The royal wedding won’t happen here at this website, Bert. Just hang out here all day.

  2. I think that K looks oKay.

    I think you are a bit weirdly obsessed with it.

    Let it go kC, let it go…

  3. At least those Ks in your comment are full letters, not maimed versions like the one at The Cricketer.

    1. Actually, if we could get a word into the dictionary, we really would be proud.

      At least we assume we would. We’re not really au fait with the concept of pride, so we can’t be certain.

  4. If only you could use your staggering degree of influence to influence the design of your own website.

    1. What’s wrong with it? (Bearing in mind I don’t have the financial clout of a real publication with which to pay for anyone’s services.)

    2. Having just read those comments again, your main gripes were the avatar, which you’ve changed; and the font size, which is exactly the same as it ever was.

    3. Once again, sorry. I’d only had 2 hours sleep the night before and was tired and lashing out.

      You always try and hurt the ones you love in those circumstances.

  5. The angles on the crown above the K at the start of ‘King’ on this website are having a similar affect on me (it should be much narrower, those are almost 40 degrees!), but I have chosen the British option of never saying anything about it but SEETHING in private.

    Until now, obviously.

  6. We did try a steeper angle, but it didn’t work unless the crown was MASSIVE and then it looked shit anyway.

    We don’t like it when other people criticise us. We like being the criticiser, not the criticisee.

    1. We tried some like that too. They were too intricate. They don’t fit the typeface. We wanted a crown that seemed cut from the same cloth.

      We wanted something very, very simple. The crown that you see is basically just three overlapping triangles.

      We know some people hate it, but we spent a really, really long time working this out and the crown you see is what we were most happy with.

  7. Don’t listen to them, KC. Your site looks fine.

    And your K has never been compromised, unlike other sites we could mention.

  8. Oh it’s a CROWN above your name! I thought it was a jester’s hat O King and that seemed v v v appropriate

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