Liz Hurley, Pippa Middleton and “the Barbie Army”

We’d be interested to know what our female readers make of Viagogo’s latest press release, entitled: ‘Make way for the Barbie Army’.

Apparently, they have seen a 240 per cent increase in females purchasing cricket tickets. Why might this be?

Possibly inspired by Liz Hurley’s ‘passion’ for the game and Pippa Middleton recently spotted supporting her man in a local game, cricket is becoming more and more popular with women with some tickets currently trading on viagogo for up to £230. With reportedly the best looking team of England Cricketers to date, it seems young women are willing to pay a premium to be bowled over by more than just the action on the pitch.”

So, is that why you go to the cricket? Would you pay £230 for a chance to spend a few hours of your life ogling Jimmy Anderson while he stands at fine leg on the far side of the ground?

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22 Appeals

  1. That is exactly why my girlfriend would go to the cricket.

    When I went to the Edgbaston test without her she said: “Imagine. You’ll get to just watch Kevin Pietersen all day long.”

    Case closed.

  2. Not that Other Pete

    August 26, 2011 at 10:46 am

    This is clearly PR lies. Alex Loudon playing cricket? Sounds unlikely.

  3. That’s exactly why I go to the cricket.

    Although I’m more of a Bresnan man myself. Imagine being able to look at him all day, and possibly be rewarded with a nice warm bloomer.

  4. “Apparently, they have seen a 240 per cent increase in females purchasing cricket tickets. Why might this be?”

    Here is but one possible explanation…

    …last year 5 women bought cricket tickets on their web site. This year 17 women bought cricket tickets.

    Trawling the very bowels of Viagogo’s data mine, a professional data torturer meekly said, “did you know that, technically, female purchases of cricket tickets has gone up 240%?”

    The PR department got hold of this tiny factoid and the rest is history. That’s the infotainment business for you…


  5. Have they installed washing machines at The Rose Bowl?

    • She looks like a shrewd Lanckey lass, does Gemma -I bet she picked up her finals day ticket for a tad less than £230.

  6. Glory hunters the lot of them. Where were you when we were shit? Wherrrrre were youuuuuu when we were shiiiiittt?

  7. A different Pete

    August 26, 2011 at 1:11 pm

    Take that, women! I hope you’re feeling patronised.

  8. I am a man and I’m feeling pretty patronised myself.

  9. I don’t know what is most offensive, the content or the dangling modifier at the beginning.

    • Unbelievable. Now I am just as partial to a bit of Jimmy-ogling as the next woman, but goodness, they just aren’t learning that women liking cricket isn’t news, are they?

  10. Do they mean that leggy types Pippa and Liz are Barbies – or do they mean those women that will insist on watching Barbie on the pitch?

    I may consider buying a test ticket when Barbie is on the injury list – that is the kind of woman I am! I may waver on this vow depending on the Durham content of any future England team….

  11. A different Pete

    August 26, 2011 at 2:06 pm

    Hang on, is Liz Hurley being obliquely referred to as a “young woman” there?

  12. Clever little women. Liking cricket and everything. Aren’t they sweet?

  13. Female Cricket Fan

    August 26, 2011 at 5:26 pm

    Jimmy Anderson doesn’t field at fine leg.

  14. That’s only in England, isn’t it? There is a lot more brainwashing elsewhere. Australian women watch it as kids, you don’t even realise you are taking it in then suddenly you find yourself thinking how good the fieldsman is at cover.

    Women in the sub-continent can’t avoid knowing about it either, even if they wanted to.

  15. That title will get you some interesting search results.

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