Mark Boucher and Graeme Smith – South Africa’s foulweather batsmen

Graeme Smith prays for cloud cover to help motivate him

The ball has swung in this match. There has been seam movement, some bounce and good turn. On top of that, South Africa need to win this game. Mark Boucher and Graeme Smith have been the standout batsmen. This is not surprising.

Most players play worse in these situations. A very small number play better. Boucher and Smith almost always play better when their team need them to and with every Test cap they’ve earned, this has become more and more the case.

How would we fare in the same position? Well, we sometimes freak out watching the highlights of matches we know England have won, put it that way.

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3 Appeals

  1. Boucher has to be the most irritating batsman in the history of cricket. Whenever a bowling side badly needs to get him out, he plays a wonderful inning.

  2. Yes Sandeep – If only Ian Bell would look and learn?

    Colly kind of does a similar thing – but usually when the bowling side has got rid of all our other batsmen.

  3. Smith is a class batsman. Who can forget match saving innings in lords and match winning innings at lords. And went to win in Australia. Great captain wid a class player.

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