Massive error on Cricinfo homepage

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This is pretty much unforgivable. Reporting on the Women’s World Cup, they’ve gone with:

“Spirited WI make it to maiden final”

Clearly, it should be: “Spirited WI make it to maidens’ final.”


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. This is an encouraging performance by the Women’s Institute. I didn’t even know they had a team.

    1. Their demographics must be dramatically different from the stereotypical view if they are eligible for a maiden’s category match.

  2. Have you ever bowled a maiden over, KC?

    (Ged Ladd chortles to himself at great length, exceedingly pleased with his own sense of humour and the extremely positive effect said sense of humour has upon the ladies.)

  3. I noticed another massive error on the Cricinfo homepage.

    It says ‘SL batting implodes’ whereas it should have said ‘Women shouldn’t be playing cricket. They should get back in the kitchen and make the tea. Silly women’.

    1. Why do women have small feet?

      So they’re less likely to over-step the popping crease and bowl a front-foot no-ball.


  4. @ Sam – I noticed an error in your comment. It should have read “I’m an idiot who lacks a sense of humour, so I compensate with stupid remarks.”

    1. Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, so surely it is normally distinguishable by not being funny?

      If it’s funny you’re after you’ve clearly come to the wrong place….

    2. You’re so right, Bert. You really are the most perspicacious, delightful, eloquent, insightful writer.

  5. you know KC, I tuned into the website today with a view to ask you your views, if any, on all these women running around in ‘cricket”s name (suggestions welcome on how the apostrophe should have been used). from what i gather, you may be mildly interested.

  6. Stafanie, Merissa, Shemaine – It’s good to see the West Indian “change a letter or two” names applies to the women as well.

    1. Good point, well made, Micko.

      Plus plenty of room for commentary confusion if WIW play the identical twin combination of Kyshona and Kycia Knight in the same match.

  7. Haha!! Nice one!
    The WI girls would do well to emulate the mens team which won the WT20 in Sri Lanka.
    I love underdogs 🙂

  8. The Cricinfo front page also informs me that NZ have momentum on their side going into the 3rd Twenty20.

    I caught myself thinking for a moment, “Really, they’re still using that? Don’t they read the blogs I do? The nincompoops.”

    1. “Sport, let me say this for a millionth time, is about people.”

      I suspect that Nirmal Shekar had not, in fact, said “sport is about people” 999,999 times prior to that article.

      Indeed, I am 125% sure that he had not made that statement that many times previously.

    2. I hope that KC and all his court will infuture make sure their metaphors stand up to strict scrutiny in this age of infotopia, of Twitter and Facebook and SMS.

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