Middlesex v Glamorgan match report

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Ged writes:

My guest for the day was Charley “The Gent” Malloy. My last visit of 2008 saw Charley walk off with my tie.

When I reported the loss to my mum, she informed me that the correct etiquette in such circumstances would be for me to inform Charley that the tie was to be considered a gift.

Charley, being a gent, sent me a splendid silk tie as a reciprocal gift last autumn when I told him that the tie I had lent him was his to keep. After a certain amount of searching, I found that very tie to wear.

Perambulating at lunch, Charley and I played catch to stretch our legs. I felt my fielding form was restored more readily than his.

We returned to the pavilion after lunch, but the sun moved round and Charley was after more. We relocated to the Mound Stand.

I spotted Gareth Berg’s tattoo and guessed that it was Hindi. Charley, always contrary, thought it was Chinese. I asked Gareth and he said that actually it was Hindi – his name in Hindi in fact.

Charley and I returned to the pavilion for a final drink before ambling off, ties resplendent, east and west respectively along the St John’s Wood Road.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Didn’t i read this yesterday – then it turned into genital warts?

    Nice work, Ged. Careful, though, if you are an MCC member, Suave will be after you.

    MCC members are first against the wall when Suave’s revolution comes.

  2. Heads will roll, and bacon & egg tie wearing, sleep in the afternoon, auld feckers are first, it’s true.
    But it won’t be me, it’ll be my flaxen haired, ageing all-rounder army that’ll be coming. You may just get away lightly, if you can convince them that you’re an all-rounder Douglas!

  3. Well spotted, D Charlton.

    This report did briefly appear, but was then bumped because Shoaib’s loins were hot of the press.


  4. Actually, you forget that the first candidate for decapitation is KC himself.

    He’s been so good of late, that there’s no need for that, just now.

    KC, I was giving Ed some stick about this quote

    I feel utterly guilty when our Colombian cleaner and I cross paths – and I don’t think I am working class, so it is surely a matter of nature, not nurture.

    Did he deserve a bit of abuse for that comment, I’d say yes…

  5. Oops, that’s Douglas, just read another post about the supersopper. That last comment was Ed. This is Douglas, they are different people who have nothing in common whatsoever.

  6. Whoever it is, they should stay out the path of the Colombian cleaner in case they get tangled up with the hoover.

  7. Meant to say btw before the ginger twins diversion, how much I enjoyed that ,Ged – particularly the guest appearance by your mum

  8. Thanks, D Charlton. I was going to ask exactly that, but I didn’t want to be seen to be the only one not “in the know”. At least now there’s two of us.

    What the hell is going on?

  9. I’m MCCC, Suave, not MCC. I’ll be on the right side of the barracades come the revolution, I assure you.

    I can’t believe that my feature got bounced for Shoaib’s groin. Where are your priorities, KC?

    Daisy thinks it is disgraceful that KC, MTWD and every other relevant site in cyberspace is going on and on about Shoaib’s privates. She thinks we should all grow up.

    She knows how to use acid and cryotherapy and could use electrofulguration if she could be bothered, so basically I am agreeing with her.

  10. Don’t sleep, Ged. You might wake up with electrofulgurated bollocks.

    (I reckon that sentence makes this page a googlewhack.)

  11. Ged,

    that’s exactly why I created a flaxen haired, ageing all-rounder army, and made myself head of La Republique. KC’s priorities are often wrong.

    He’s a good lad most of the time though.

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