Misbah-ul-Haq sweeps Moeen Ali for four

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Via ECB.co.uk
Via ECB.co.uk

Then reverse sweeps him for four. Then sweeps him for four again. Then he blocks one because he fancies a change of tempo. Then he sweeps him for four again.

It could be a long summer for Moeen Ali.

In amongst all the sweeping and reverse sweeping for four, Misbah-ul-Haq drove and nurdled a few to nudge his score up a bit and get it into three figures. At that point he did some press-ups.

It is incredibly hard not to warm to Misbah-ul-Haq.

Misbah is a man who achieves things he sets his mind to – and generally at the first attempt. We’re pretty sure today was his first innovative hundred celebration for example, and it was hilarious. In 2014 he had his one and only go at batting aggressively and equalled Viv Richards’ record for the fastest Test hundred. He had never played a first-class innings in England before this tour, but now he’s made a Test hundred here at the first time of asking.

Maybe when you’re 42, you have greater awareness of how few opportunities you’re likely to get and so make damn sure you make the most of them. Somehow it feels like he’ll have plenty more opportunities to sweep Moeen Ali for four though.


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  1. The celebration was a message to some soldiers he met in Abbottabad.

    “That was my promise to the army guys,” Misbah said afterwards. “We did a camp in Abbottabad before the skill camp in Lahore, and we used to do an honour code every time, we just stepped into the ground and did ten push-ups. And I promised them, if ever I score a hundred, I will definitely do that to remind you that we were there.”

    1. It was to the soldiers who did the fitness testing. He and Younus came out top. Half the squad failed.

  2. Never mind that: Rahkeem Cornwall is playing against India! Well, against some Indians. In a not-first-class game. Still, Rahkeem Cornwall.

  3. How much longer can Moeen hold on to his place in this side. He’s clearly a good honest cricketer: likeable and hard-working, but he just isn’t performing well enough.

    His test bowling average has now reverted to similar to his FC average: that of a decent part-timer. He can’t reliably hold an end up, and he isn’t taking enough wickets to be used in an attacking role.

    His batting is perhaps his stronger suit but I still don’t think he’s good enough to bat in the the top six, and it would seem the selectors agree, otherwise they wouldn’t have brought in and tried the number of batsmen they have ahead of him.

    Surely it’s time for perennial one-to-watch Adil Rashid to get an extended run?

    1. Maybe. Moeen does seem to be one of those all-rounders who’s neither one nor t’other. We’d love him to make a fist of either discipline really because he’s capable of spectacular things and seems a solid sort.

      We seem to be in an oddly humourless mood today. Sorry about that everybody. This is what it must feel like to be an American.

      1. Given the chance in a higher position, I reckon Moeen could do a good job. Certainly would prefer to see him him the middle order than Vince or Ballance.

      2. When he bats well, he’s really good. We just can’t shake the feeling that he’s fundamentally flighty and that the inevitable peaks and troughs mean he’s destined to average 30. He is another who’s made a lot of second division runs.

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