Mop-up of the day – demons and barometers

First, some links:

Now let’s spend the rest of Bank Holiday Monday in classic fashion by moaning about rain.

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7 Appeals

  1. Kept tinkering with my ODI side this morning until I realized I didn’t need an ODI side this morning.

  2. Bloody rain.

  3. So I retain my rank 1 …

  4. Okay, so looks like I came first today.

    Excellent! A new bat for me!

  5. Superb dot ball in that Shire Horse piece, KC.

    It was a positively suspenseful piece of prose, despite the spoiler by virtue of its juxtaposition.


  6. In brief, Shakib Al Hasan, he back.

    • presumably you mean “back” as in “has had his suspension term reduced”.

      I don’t think he has ankylosing spondylitis or anything like that.

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