Neil Carter is sickeningly wrong-handed

Warwickshire’s Neil Carter describes himself as ‘full-on left-handed’ on his Twitter profile. It’s almost like he’s taking pride in his distasteful predilection.

At best, the left hand is for fork-holding or for slapping against the right one to express appreciation for something.

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5 Appeals

  1. He actually described himself as “Full on left handed except for 2 things; Golf and eat with knife and fork!”

  2. My younger son Ernie is thusly maladjusted. However, he bats right handed by free choice. Perhaps this is because he copies his older brother, or perhaps it is fear of the right-hand-o-matic child adjusting machine I built to correctly restrain him while practicing. Who knows?

  3. The linked post is dated as June 2012, but my observations of said post reveal this date to be hilariously inaccurate, the most egregious of which being the description of Irfan Pathan as “good”.

  4. Prejudice on King Cricket?

    Hang your head in shame, your Majesty.

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