Not-so-flukey Farooqi, (Phil) Salt consumption, The 99 + more in our latest T20 World Cup round-up

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The big news since yesterday is that Afghanistan are through to the next phase of the competition and New Zealand are out. England aren’t NRRly finished though after successfully chasing down Oman’s 47 all out in just 3.1 overs.

Salt consumption

Oman’s flakey performance meant the entire match only lasted 99 balls. England’s net run rate is now +3.081 compared to Scotland’s +2.164 in the tussle for the final qualification spot from this group.

England do however still need to beat Namibia to draw level on points, and while a Scotland win over Australia seems unlikely, it’s worth remembering that rain is a thing that does exist in this world of ours.

England couldn’t have hoped for a better result against Oman though really. Speaking before the game, Jos Buttler had said: “We have to be aware of [net run rate] but not consumed by it.”

The nuance of this may have been lost on Phil Salt, who played in his usual manrr, delivering a positively heroic innings that saw him clean bowled for 12 off the third ball of England’s innings.

A finrr knock you will rarely see.

Not-so-flukey Farooqi

Afghanistan’s victory over Papua New Guinea was again built on the work of left-arm opening bowler, Fazalhaq Farooqi, who took 3-16 and was at one point on a hat trick. It’s a measure of how well he’s performing that this wasn’t even the first time he’s been on a hat trick this tournament.

Overall, after three matches, he’s taken 12-42 in 11.2 overs.

What’s his skill?

“Whatever I’m doing with the new ball, that’s my skill,” he said.

Same as yesterday

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  1. I’m sure I’m not the only reader who enjoyed and appreciated the manrr/finrr word plays in the passage about the team that was not being consumed by nrr considerations.

    Elsewhere in the ICC T20 news I was the piece in which Pat Cummins has said categorically that the Aussies would never have contemplated manipulating the nrr. Amusing that the statement comes in the past tense after nrr has effectively been removed from the equation. #easytosaynow #sameoldaussies

  2. Since it was not in the plan, getting each of these round-ups is an additional delight. With the Farooqi quote, they are also starting to remind me of the Cricinfo Twitter round-ups.

    1. That was a really labour intensive gig, that one. The ratio of interesting cricketer tweets to banal cricketer tweets was not great at that time. Imagine it still isn’t.

  3. I quite like this Ten10 stuff. It does away with those dull overs 6-15, don’t you think?

    My attention span will now struggle to cope with complete The Hundred matches henceforward, let alone that old-fashioned long form (Twenty20).

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