Okay, your job’s pretty rubbish, but at least you’re not South Africa captain during a World Cup

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Faf du Plessis (via ICC video)

Our absolute favourite Faf du Plessis fact is – and always will be – that he is a getting-hit-in-the-nuts specialist.

If that’s even a tiny element of an individual’s chosen career, it’s hard not to root for them at least just a little bit, no matter what your other allegiances.

Faf seems an okay sort and he doesn’t have it easy. Being South Africa captain doesn’t strike us as being an especially rewarding job at the best of times and ‘during a World Cup’ is rarely ‘the best of times’ to be a South Africa captain.

They’ve already lost three games and AB de Villiers has done his usual bit to try and destabilise things by saying he wanted to be The Centre of Attention and they wouldn’t let him.

Over at Cricket 365, we’re inviting you to imagine that you’re Faf du Plessis.

It’s a hell of an invitation, we know.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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    1. I don’t think that haircut would have gone down well on Madison Avenue, Edwardian, even in the 60s

  1. Is it possible that there is a direct connection between:

    Faf’s “getting hit in the nutsfulness”…and…

    …the fact that hair growth on Faf’s forehead has been suppressed in a bilateral pair of periorbital fields. In short, Faf’s widow’s peak.

    I briefly had a widow’s peak myself, years ago, but without the nad-bashing excuse and I chose not to emphasise the fact. My barnet soon went all Bard on me anyway:


    I don’t like having my hair cut. I’d sooner captain the South African cricket team. Faf might feel similarly when comparing the two activities. But then again, I’d sooner have my hair cut than be hit in the nads by a cricket ball.

    1. Today I had my hair cut and got hit in the nuts by a hyperactive four-year-old. Still not sure which was more unpleasant.

      1. He would do a better job than my current barber, who has started creating a weird sort of side parting which is totally ruining my carefully-cultivated look.

  2. Every time I load the BBC sport page, it shows me a picture of David Warner smiling broadly. That feels somewhat akin to getting hit in the nuts too, funnily enough

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