Ramnaresh Sarwan’s batting form – sublime/ridiculous

Ramnaresh Sarwan indulges in demented religious practiceRamnaresh Sarwan’s current batting form is so sublime, it’s ridiculous. To average 150 this series with a worst score of 94 is sublime. To outdo Shivnarine Chanderpaul in terms of crease occupation is just ridiculous.

We’ve a sneaking suspicion that Ramnaresh Sarwan may have become a sadhu. Sadhus are famed for doing something arbitrary for a ludicrous duration – typically standing on one leg for eight years or waving maniacally for a decade. Ramnaresh Sarwan seems to have chosen something a bit more productive for his ritual. He’s decided to renounce all his worldly goods and concentrate on scoring runs against England.

He looks like he could carry on indefinitely.

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6 Appeals

  1. Get the impression he gave away his wicket just because he really needed a wee?

  2. down on my knees, to pray to the sadhu sarwan!

  3. Real Sadhus do it for spiritual cleansing, the fake ones for the publicity.

    Sarwan is also doing it for a higher goal. Beating the shit out of England in cricket. Nothing is higher than that in West indies cricket or cricket of any form played by a formerly colonized country.

    Baba Sarwan ki jai

  4. Sarwan has been superb.

    That six that Taylor hit was the shot of the tour.

    The sound that it made was outrageous.

    Really though, 1300 runs in 4 days. You’d be looking to get that in a full five day test match where you could actually take wickets. Whoever thought that this wicket was good for test match cricket?

  5. > Whoever thought that this wicket was good for test match cricket?

    The same people who “assessed” the pitch at Antigua?

  6. Maybe Lord Megachief of Gold told him to just keep batting.

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