Ricky Ponting: It’s possible to inflict self-inflicted problems on your opponents

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Is there no limit to Ricky Ponting’s powers?

Pakistan are currently in some disarray. Ponting says:

“I guess a lot of the stuff that is happening around their side at the moment was probably stuff they brought on themselves.”

He then adds:

“If you play really well, you can create that stuff happening around teams.”

Ponting made Pakistan bring things on themselves.

You’re probably thinking: ‘Ricky Ponting is a complete tool belt.’

You haven’t thought that yourself. Ponting’s made you think that.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. At least you lot can heckle from a distance.

    Imagine if your national teams performance hinged on the abililty of this man to make a rational decision.

  2. Isn’t Ponting just saying that if you play well, you increase the pressure on a side, and they are more likely to make mistakes?

    Seems like a reasonable point from Punter, if a bit of a toolish way of saying so.

  3. On arrival at the crease Ponting put me entirely at ease with a sensual massage. The atmosphere was complemented by some top quality chin music from Hilfenhaus’ first…

    I knew that I was really bringing myself off, but the more was played, the more I knew Ponting was really working his magic.

    Sadly I was all out too early so I didn’t really get to bat through the day, but needless to say the shot that Ponting eventually took near his face would have made the rope….

  4. I’m getting pissed off with the world today. While searching for amusement related to my favourite sport, I’ve twice now been mislead by news items, once by the BBC:

    “Bizarre cricket caught on camera”

    and once by The Times:

    ” Alan Mulally, for one, is watching his rear-view mirror with alarm”

    Oh the excitement, especially with the second one, then crushing disappointment. Bloody sub-editors!

    Does anyone know of a website where I can be sure to get high-quality cricket-related humour?

  5. Well now Punter has started to say things otherwise before this series he was dead and dumb and he should probably thanks to Pakistanis for offering him another nice summer but he isn’t having a nice time.

    Let see if he can play some pull shots in Hobart or not 😛

  6. Shane Watson’s injuries earlier in his career were also meticulously planned by Ponting. Punter was just hiding him from other teams during the time when they didn’t really need him.

    Watson was continously injured earlier in his career but when Hayden & Langer retired and other pretenders lost form, he miraculously became fit for several test matches in a row and started scoring heavily at the opening slot. Take a bow Ricky Ponting.

  7. I wonder who he is going to cause to win the last England/SA test. Or will he make it rain? Who does he dislike most, or are his thought processes essentially unknowable?

  8. We (and he) will only know the answers to those questions after the Test has finished.

    Such is the genius of Ricky.

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