Shivnarine Chanderpaul is still gloriously risk averse

Batting is not just a job for Shivnarine Chanderpaul

Australia celebrated when they dismissed the West Indies’ Kraigg Brathwaite for 57 off 199 balls. As an achievement, it was like flouncing over a stile before tackling the mountain. Shivnarine Chanderpaul promptly walked to the crease and only departed when Darren Sammy declared.

Shiv simply cannot be bothered being dismissed. He’s heard that it happens, but can’t see the point. What else would he do? Watch TV? Read the paper? He prefers batting.

Shane Watson says Australia are going to have to find a way of making Shiv take risks. Good luck in your quest, Shane. Maybe once you’ve succeeded you can start deflecting asteroids away from the Earth using only the power of your mind.

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8 Appeals

  1. Entirely unrelated comment:

    Michael Vaughan: As someone who has won here three times who do you think will win the Masters?
    Tiger Woods: It was four times actually.

    Tiger was right too. Michael must have felt like one of those sandwiches that when you pick it up, all the bits in the middle fall out.

  2. He has about the same chance as I do of dating Anne Hathaway.

  3. shiv wears a chain mail glove when carving up the sunday roast. true story.

    • I should imagine that Shiv cuts the roast with such care and caution that the meat is luke warm at best by the time it gets served.

      Cue a whole load of drive, pull, prod and poke jokes…

  4. Well, you put the kibosh on that one, didn’t you?

  5. I think Anne Hathaway is dead. 2 fielders make a joint effort to field a carve from Shiv at cow corner. I’ll stick with my day job.

  6. The trouble with Shiv is that he does not get bored. Every other human being involved with the game may get the life sucked out of them, but shiv gets into some kind of a trance which enables him to believe that he is in the midst of high entertainment. The only way Australia can stop him is if Haddin monotonously reads aloud the Dodd-Frank Act while he is batting.

  7. There is no doubt that he is a classy player.He keeps on struggling and scoring his run though a bit slow in his approach but that’s his style of playing.Once he gets settled in the crease he continues to score runs for the west indians.

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