Sitting out England matches as a fan

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Being as this website is pretty much written by one person and being as you read this website, it shouldn’t be all that outlandish to suggest that you read something we’ve written elsewhere. Yes, we know that the comments are the main thing here, but even so, surely something must have drawn you here in the first place? Surely?

We think this Cricinfo piece might count as actual satire. That makes us either a satirist or a satyr. We can’t remember which. Nor do we much care. Neither’s a great career move.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. I came across the piece this morning (independent of your plug) and quite liked it. Just the right amount of satire for a Monday morning. One of those pieces where within a couple of lines you know what’s coming and are not disappointed, unlike so many things in life. I do think, however, you missed an opportunity to have one of the young Daniels’ out with an injury – an early stage stress fracture of the lower back, naturally.

  2. I’m off to Edgbaston on Wednesday. Not feeling too enthusiastic about it, to be honest. Thanks for that.

  3. I thought it best to make my comments “over there”. After all, KC readers can click through and see those comments there, if/when they pass the moderator test.

    On past performance, there’s a slightly better than 50%/50% chance that the Cricinfo moderators find my comments safe enough. Scary really, when I read some of the guff they allow through.

    1. We choose to believe that plenty of people are attempting to comment on our Cricinfo articles and that it’s the moderators who are making us look unpopular.

    2. The only comment so far:

      Posted by Hisham Ahmed on (September 9, 2013, 9:38 GMT)
      LOL epic piece this! But, on a serious note, imagine the burnout the English and Indian players are gonna face come 2014.

      So, I guess I’m saying, that’s nice of you Hisham

    3. Ged, aka Hisham, provides a link to his Facebook profile on his cricinfo comments. He seems to mainly enjoy sharing amusing rage comics, particularly the ones that talk about how men can be different from women.

      He likes a good chortle does our Ged

    4. It could also be because most people reading your articles enjoy them and agree with the central points. You need to up your outrage quotient. For a start, there is nothing wrong with the classic ‘Tendulkar is over-rated’ sentiment.

      You come across as nice and agreeable. This has to change. If you need inspiration, you could always look to Malcolm Conn.

    5. Leave it out, folks.

      My comment has finally been passed by the Cricinfo Board of Censors and is published in full.

      Hisham Ahmed must be someone else. Although, with the Ramones first on his list of music likes, perhaps we are in some strange way related.

  4. My favourite bit was where you wrote “Cricinfo” and it was edited to “ESPNcricinfo” because otherwise people might be confused.

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