Trott’s OCD, Morgan’s superpowers and Strauss’s handshake


We’ve written a piece for Cricinfo that has already been branded ‘a senseless attempt at trying to make people laugh’. You’ve got to take pride in earning comments like that.

It revolves around the things in the title of this post. We’ve been trying to work ‘handshakefulness’ into an article for a while now, so we’re quite pleased with it. Read it here.

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6 Appeals

  1. Senseless. Utterly senseless.

    Well done, KC. Top writing.

  2. You’re not a patch on Imran Yusuf, though. reiterate that this is just a personal opinion.

  3. Wait, I didn’t see no “handshakefulness” in the article. Stop lying to us, KC.

  4. Fixed.

    By the way I’m unretired.

  5. I always thought Sidebottom was never quite as much of a character as he seemed to be. Hopefully that means I won’t miss him as much as I thought I would.

  6. Sidebottom is a great name though, Frontbottom would be even better.

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